Title & Escrow


House SketchThe McBryde Firm has licensed escrow officers on staff and operates as a fee office for Independence Title Company.  This enables our clients to open and close title work at the McBryde Firm when purchasing, selling or refinancing residential or commercial property.  The best way to interpret this service is to look at the McBryde Firm as a branch office of Independence Title.  While Independence Title provides the title examination and insurance policy, the experienced employees of the McBryde Firm seek to protect and ensure each client’s interests through the escrow and closing process.

Purchasing or selling real estate is likely one of the most important business transactions that will take place in your life.  By choosing to close your real estate transaction with the McBryde Firm, you will have an attorney review each document prior to signing, have an attorney present at the closing on request and know experienced and dedicated workers will make sure your closing goes as smoothly as possible.

Illustation of a house. Black ink drawing.In contrast, title companies typically utilize escrow officers to close transactions without an attorney present.  Escrow officers not licensed to practice law in the state of Texas are prohibited from answering legal questions that might arise during a closing.  By closing title with the McBryde Firm, these important questions will be answered prior to or during your closing.

These important benefits gained by closing title with the McBryde Firm are provided at rates lower than or competitive with other title companies.


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